Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer shoes are now much easier to find. If you are a soccer fan looking for brand name indoor soccer shoes, then is the perfect place for you.

Adidas adiCORE II
indoor soccer shoes
The adidas adiCore are built to give you top performance on the pitch, whether professionally or for fun.

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Nike Santa Cruise
It's time to kick it into overdrive with the Nike Santa Cruise from Nike® and take home the victory!

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Nike Jr Tiempo Natural III IC
These indoor soccer shoes have a clean look and a mean grip. They're built to give you top performance on indoor surfaces.

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Indoor Soccer Shoes - Buy

Nike Mercurial Vapor
Put these explosively quick Mercurial Vapor on your feet, there's no telling what the outcome of the match may be!

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Puma Hamati 2 I FG
Soccer shoes
This serious soccer cleat offers durable construction with the support you need to defeat the competition.

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Puma Kids V1.10 I FG Jr.
Puma Kids - V1.10 I FG Jr. (Youth) (Black/White/Puma Red) - Footwear
Make a statement on the field by adding some zest to your performance with the PUMA® V1.10 I FG Jr. soccer shoes.

Only $57.50 (save 50%)

Indoor Soccer Shoes - Buy

Indoor soccer shoes are designed to meet the challenges of hard indoor surfaces so that players have great stability while playing. Indoor soccer shoes are mostly flat shoes, or have smaller rubber cleats to reduce the pressure of hard field conditions on the foot in order to avoid injuries. is proud to present to you brand name indoor soccer shoes at an amazing price. You can find brand names such as Adidas, Puma, Nike, Lotto and Diadora for men, women and youth indoor soccer shoes.

Features of Indoor soccer shoes:
The right indoor soccer shoes should be lightweight with no cleats. They have a rubber sole to give the player great foot support. Most indoor soccer shoes have the same rubber or leather like material on the upper side of the shoe. However, the type of upper material of the shoe doesn’t matter as long as it is not sticky on different surfaces, it is lightweight, and has a soft feel. The most vital part to take into consideration is the bottom of the shoes (outsole). As long as it is flexible, gives you great support, and fits well, it will be the right shoe for you. Most people tend to forget that in order to have a good soccer game, they need to buy shoes that fit well, and are comfortable. If your feet are not comfortable, then you will not have a good soccer game, as this is the part of your body used the most in playing soccer. I would like to put it as ‘Comfortable feet is equal to a comfortable game’. You will easily be able to dribble the ball, pass it & even score. Wearing the right shoes for indoor soccer will enable to keep you balanced during the game and enable you to show off your great skills on the field.

Pointers to Choosing your Soccer Shoes
Many people wonder what type of soccer shoes they should buy. There is a very simple answer to this question when considering the following important factors:
1. Indoor or Outdoor (cleats) Soccer Shoes? If you want to play outside on soft surface then you will need outdoor soccer shoes with studs (cleats). If you need shoes to play inside or on harder surface then you will likely need indoor soccer shoes (flat at the bottom).
2. Know your options: Now days there many different brands of indoor and outdoor soccer shoes from Nike, Adidas, Puma, Diadora, Umbro and so on. Therefore make sure you consider a few of them for your purchase.
3. Right shoe for you: Don’t sacrifice what you like for anything else, pick the soccer shoes and brand name you would like to wear and that will give you confidence to play like a pro. A little bit of style may boost your confidence but also might worry the opponents.
4. Price: Everyone have a budget in mind, so first thing is to get what you need at the right price and is tryiong t present to you the more shoes that are on sale.
5. Comfort: It’s very hard to focus on anything if you are not comfortable. Same rule apply when playing soccer. Once you get the shoes, try them and make sure they are very comfortable. Make sure to consider weight, cushion (no blisters!!!), traction etc.
6. Get use to: Remember that when you get new set of shoes, you might need sometime to adjust to them. Things like feel for the ball control and comfort while running (don’t confuse with comfort) will come as you get used to the shoes.
7. Is expensive better?: Not always true.